MF Doom And Madlib Go Full Superhero With A New Song And Action Figure

MF Doom’s mythology has always been tied up in the colorful world of comic books and action figures. It’s apparent to anyone whose ever gazed at one of Doom’s splash-page-indebted album covers or even listened to the music within. It’s something that Marvel knew when they turned the cover of Thor into a Madvillainy tribute and it’s something that Doom clearly knows himself, as he’s releasing a limited-edition action figure of his stage persona.

To celebrate, MF Doom and Madlib released the first-official version of the long-bubbling track “Avalanche” as a 7″. If the fact that this new release is several years old isn’t enough, the duo tellingly use their separate names on the track and not the name of their collab effort Madvillain. So, don’t go getting yourself all frothy and remember that Madlib stays busy. Still, we have to admit that this song makes us want to hear more.

The action figure comes complete with a working golden case that the website helpfully notes can store “well, whatever you can fit in there.” The 7″ is only available along with the action figure, and the box it comes in also breaks down into a display diorama. You can order the package via Rappcats here.