Madonna Joins Twitter For A Day, Flirts With Deadmau5

03.27.12 10 Comments

Yesterday we told you about deadmau5 taking Madonna to task for what he characterized as her glorifying drug use in a performance over the weekend in Miami. And it just so happened that Madonna joined Twitter last nightfor a day! So she and deadmau5 used Twitter to mend fences, naturally. Now, a cynical person might think that the whole thing was orchestrated, but surely it wasn’t, right? RIGHT?!

Madonna kicked things off by tweeting out the photo above. The two then went back and forth a little bit and ended things with Madonna sort of insinuating that she’d have been willing to perform sexual favors on the DJ if only he’d contacted her directly.

I think it’s pretty obvious that a Madonna/deadmau5 coupling is going to happen. I mean, she did f*ck Vanilla Ice back in the day.

(HT: Daily Swarm)

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