Man Who Unleashed Rebecca Black On The World Tries Again

In the event you’ve ever caught yourself wondering, “What kind of monster is responsible for Rebecca Black?”, that person is Patrice Wilson, CEO of Ark Music Factory. And now Wilson is giving it another shot with Lexi St. George, a girl he discovered about a week ago in a shopping mall.

Yes, Wilson was hired by Good Morning America to head up their “One Week to Hit it Big: Pop Star” project, which is what is sounds like: A project to turn a “regular teenager” into someone famous just like he “did for Rebecca Black.”.

“Good Morning America” wondered if it’s possible to find an everyday teenage girl and launch her to super stardom in just one week. To find out, “GMA” came to Patrice Wilson at Ark Music Factory, who masterminded the viral video sensation “Friday.”

LOL “Masterminded!” Also, nice to see that the mainstream media is enabling this sort of thing, no?

Additionally, Wilson told Gawker that Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was meant to be horrible, saying, “That was the whole point … To create something that was really simple but something that sticks in people’s head. To have people say ‘I hate this song, but I’m still singing it.'”


Anyway, here the video for not as awful as “Friday” song titled “Dancing to the Rhythm (With Me)”…