Mark McGrath, Uncle Kracker, And Kevin Griffin Started A Band Called Uncle Ezra Ray

If you’re the type of music fan who can’t wait for a Song of the Summer to be crowned, Merry Christmas. Because we can only ask each other, “Remember the ‘90s?” so much before the space-time continuum begins regurgitating all over us, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath, Better Than Ezra’s Kevin Griffin, and Uncle Kracker decided to start their own “super” group. I assume they were in a hurry because they simply called it Uncle Ezra Ray. Seriously. This happened in 2015, and it’s amazing.

Above is this band’s first single, “B.Y.H.B,” which was released on iTunes last week. It’s easily the frontrunner for Song of the Summer, by miles and miles of Florida panhandle beach sand. It stands for “Bring Your Hot Body,” and it’s a formulaic party track that was shamelessly manufactured for all the drunk beach bros and babes. In fact, I’m no legal expert, but I have to assume that Florida Georgia Line will be suing for gimmick infringement by the end of the week.