Marky Mark 'Might' Reunite With The Funky Bunch, Depending On The Vibrations

Freed from the crushing pressure of convincing the world to give this unsalted cry juice called “water” a chance, and perhaps encouraged by co-partner P Diddy, a man known for doing more harm than good to the music world, Marcus Marky Mark Wahlberg, the Mark admitted he “might” reunite with his R&B group, the Funky Bunch.

After being asked “So What Chu Sayin” by Heat magazine, Wahlberg responded:

While he told Moviefone in 2012 that music was totally done for him, a recent interview with the UK’s Heat magazine hinted he may be more open to a return to music.

“Well, the Funky Bunch wants to get back out there,” Wahlberg told Heat magazine. “I’ve just got to find the right time. We might, though.” (Via)

When reached for comment, the Funky Bunch simultaneously broke into an a capella rendition of “I Need Money,” while nudging confused strangers in the bus depot where they live now. But really, isn’t it about time the gang got back together, for the people? Who’s going to evaluate our nation’s backsides if not Hector the Booty Inspector?

(Via HuffPo)