Beyonce’s Father Opened Up About That Time He Met Jay Z For The First Time

Hey, did you know that Mathew Knowles – also known as Beyonce’s dad – wrote a book? Yeah, I had no idea, either (Editor’s note – Some of us did!). Anyway, the book is about how to become a major success just like he is. Of course, a big part of his success comes from the simple fact that he is Beyonce’s dad. No word on whether he talks about that in the book. Anyway, it’s called The DNA of Achievers. Whether that title specifically refers to Beyonce’s DNA remains to be seen.

In any event, Knowles went on The Breakfast Club to promote the book, where he had an interesting conversation that touched many topics, including the possibility of a Destiny’s Child reunion. Unfortunately, despite claiming to still manage the group, he seemed to be just as clueless as you or me about that prospect, just vaguely saying that it would happen at some point. Is it possible he’s been left out of the loop on the goings on of the Destiny’s Child world?

At one point, he talked about the first time he met Jay Z. Surprisingly, he said he had no idea that he was a successful rapper, and simply knew him as the man who was in love with his daughter. Considering his prominence within the music industry, you’d think he would’ve been aware who one of the most prominent rappers in the world was, but evidently not. We can only assume that after meeting Hov, he listened to, say, “Big Pimpin'” for the first time, and likely had some trepidation about this guy dating his daughter.

Anyway, the interview is about 30 minutes long, and you can watch it in the video above. At around 30 minutes, Knowles characterizes Charlamagne Tha God as “insecure,” and that causes some serious friction.

(Via Complex)