Meet The Man Who Wants To Murder, Castrate And Have Sex With Justin Bieber

Back in December, we told you about the Breaking Bad-like plan involving two New Mexico hitmen who were to kidnap, castrate, and murder Justin Bieber, a plan that went awry when one of the would-be killers was apprehended on an outstanding warrant at a border crossing. Details followed up on the story and spoke to the mastermind behind it all, 45-year-old Dana Martin, who only hates Bieber because he loves him so.

And he is frustrated that no one truly understands why he decided that Justin Bieber must die. “It isn’t just so people will know who I am. It’s because he changed, and that made me angry.” (Via)

Oh boy.

Martin claims his attraction to Bieber is more than sexual, and he turns testy when I raise the subject: “What are you trying to get me to say, that I love Justin Bieber and think he’s gorgeous? He’s a good-looking kid. Would I go to bed with him? Yeah. He’s legal, so probably.”

“What, you think I wouldn’t kiss him? OH, I’d kiss him. Would I cuddle him harder than any 12-year old girl can even imagine? Sure. But I wouldn’t, like, hug the guy or nothing. No homo, right?”

At 18, Bieber would speed around Los Angeles in a $230,000 white Ferrari 458 Italia. When his manager, Scooter Braun, presented him with a Fisker Karma sports car on TV, he exuded bashful humility. “I’m looking at his manager on Ellen, and he’s telling Justin, ‘You know how I always say it is important to stay humble,'” Martin says, chafing at his wrist chains as he tries to gesticulate. “And I’m like, ‘Really?’ He can fool a bunch of 9-year-old girls, but the adult audience that he wants now is not fooled by this.”

Martin resented the new, more adult and urban image Bieber cultivated. He cringed at Bieber’s awkward Vanilla Ice–like embrace of hip-hop slang: Wassup, man, how you doing? “He’s a phony now,” he says.

That’s actually as good a reason as any to kill someone.

Before he left New Mexico, [hit man] Staake says, Martin asked him to have a friend draw a picture of Bieber strapped to a chair, wrapped in barbed wire, with a bullet hole in his head. Staake says Martin had told him, “If I was free, here’s what I’d want to do—put Bieber in a cage, rape him repeatedly, and put it on YouTube.”

If there isn’t a band already out there called Bieber Rape Cage, there is now. Read the rest of the article at Details.

(Via Details)