Megan Thee Stallion Put Her Love For Anime On Display Once Again With A ‘My Hero Academia’ Costume

Megan Thee Stallion’s love for three things — anime, dressing up, and Halloween — is well-documented (in fact, my first post about her for Uproxx was inspired by a viral trend that spun off from one of her cosplay pics on Twitter). She was probably the first star to post a Halloween-themed photo this year (way back on October 1), and her cosplay not only generates viral headlines but also led to her being one of the faces of a video game’s promo campaign when she dressed as one if its most popular characters.

So, of course, she wasn’t going to let Halloween go by without taking the opportunity to once again show her appreciation for anime with a hyper-accurate costume based on one of her favorite shows, My Hero Academia (as well as some flashy photoshop to complete the look). The photos, which she posted on Instagram, capture her costume perfect in dynamic action poses straight out of the show itself. The character, Mirko, is called the Rabbit Hero, one of the many superhero personalities around which the show’s narrative revolves. Mirko is considered the “number five hero” in Japan as well as being its numer one female hero (anime are really big on ranking stuff). Her powers give her incredible jumping strength and massive gams — which makes Meg’s cosplay perfect in more ways than one (shout-out to the adamantium knees!).

Megan’s love for anime hasn’t gone unreciprocated either. Last year, one of her favorite show’s voice actors shouted her out in a fan-favorite line.