M.E.S.H.’s Sophomore Album Finds Him Following His Instincts Away From IDM Tropes

11.10.17 1 year ago

Nadine Fraczkowski

Much of the rhetoric around songwriting erases how much the process can be driven by forces outside the artist’s control. The term “songwriting” itself suggests a creative process not unlike transcription, with a musician plucking fully formed melodies right from their mind.

Not so for electronic producer and DJ, M.E.S.H. (aka James Whipple), who insists his latest album Hesaitix, is the next step in his pursuit of combining the club and abstract electronic worlds. His first album, 2015’s Piteous Gate, felt more like a collision of those influences, with them rarely if ever playing nicely with one another. So Hesaitix arrives as a part of a process, the result of Whipple working towards a sound and identity, but on a path that’s more instinctual than predetermined.

The music on the album feels appropriately immediate, never calculated or ponderous. Opening track “Nemorum Incola” is a tour of a vast expanse that moves in unpredictable ways. It’s like an establishing shot of a landscape used to set the stage before the album focuses in on the driving details, like the insistent beat of “Mimic” or the frenetic bass heard on “Diana Triplex.”

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