Method Man Explains His Pick For The Most Underrated Wu-Tang Clan Member

Wu-Tang Clan is of course one of the most highly respected groups in the history of hip-hop (and music in general). Like any group, though, fans have members who are their favorite or who they think are best. Method Man himself has weighed in on this, and if you ask him, Wu-Tang’s most underrated member is Inspectah Deck.

He discussed this with MC Serch on a recent episode of the Serch Says podcast, and he made the case for Deck being the most underrated rapper in the group, saying:

“I think a lot of the appeal to Deck is […] remember back in the day, before videos, and you heard an MC, you had to kind of — you never knew what they looked like, all you could focus on was the words. I think if Deck came in that era right there where all they could focus on was the words and not the spectacle of what’s going on around him, he would have blew up much more than he did. He’s very well respected, but when you think of Wu-Tang, honestly, his name doesn’t come up first. But when you think iconic verses, his name is coming up first.”

He went on to declare Deck one of the best rappers ever, saying, “I’m giving him his roses now. Deck. Top five, dead or alive.”

Check out the full Serch Says episode here.