Michael Cera And Reggie Watts Sing About Pie And Friendship

Editorial Director
06.01.12 2 Comments

Fresh off our fun chat with Comedy Bang! Bang!’s Scott Aukerman IFC has released this new musical clip from the show (premiering June 8th!) featuring guest Michael Cera (directly from a house fire that spared everything but his hair, I presume) and Reggie Watts improv-ing a duet about two of the most truly wonderful things life has to offer: friendship and pie.

It’s a nice message for a Friday. And it makes me want to attend karaoke night with Michael Cera and/or let Reggie Watts carry me in an improv’d duet about baked goods. Video clip after the jump, followed by Cera’s rendition of “These Eyes” from Superbad, because, you know, RELEVANT.

These eyes. Are crying.

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