Mick Jenkins Starts A Conversation About Love As ‘The Healing Component’ On His Debut Album

Mick Jenkins is on a mission to “Spread Love” with his debut studio album, The Healing Component. He spoke briefly about the project’s theme during an interview with Zane Lowe, but the spoken word outro to the title track is a truer expression of his purpose.

“When people talk about love you only think about the pretty parts, the romantic parts of love people don’t think about things like loving themselves and what that takes,” the Chicago rapper says. “And that you have to know yourself to love yourself and how difficult of a battle that may be. I don’t think everybody even agrees on what love is or what love looks like, whether it be in the street or personally.”

The 25-year-old believes in the message so strongly because he thinks Jesus’ purpose was to show us God’s love, and thus love is everything, whether it’s self-love, friendship, romantic love, or love for Christ. What Mick’s trying to accomplish with The Healing Component is start a conversation which he plans to continue on his next few projects. The rapper’s not here to preach but to ask people to open their eyes (“Spread Love”) and look within (“Fall Through“) as he takes them on a journey while weaving in his own experiences with love.

That’s not to say Mick is perfect, either, because throughout the album he admits to drug use (he loves good weed) and falling for the pitfalls of a materialistic life, but the best lessons come from mistakes. “Give you photos of my life through these allegories/ Lotta n*ggas talk like they ain’t got a story,” he raps on “Love, Robert Horry.”

Stream The Healing Component below and purchase it on iTunes.

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