Mike Huckabee’s Adele Parody Is The One Political Ad You Need To Watch

Now that 2016 has finally arrived, the election season is really heating up. Republican front-runner Donald Trump refused to attend the next Fox New GOP debate after the cable channel’s PR team trolled him, and MSNBC is trying to host an unsanctioned debate despite the Democratic Party’s efforts to limit the number of events. But let’s be honest — all anybody cares about are the political ads, and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee just delivered the worst best one yet.

Dubbed “Hello, Huck,” the three and a half-minute music video is essentially a political parody of Adele’s smash hit, “Hello.” (By “political,” I mean “has to do with the upcoming Iowa caucus,” and by “parody,” I mean… Actually, I’m not really sure what anything means anymore.) Whether this remix will get as much airtime as Wiz Khalifa’s radio freestyle remains to be seen (it won’t), but it’s the thought that counts.

Especially with such engrossing lyrics, like:

Hello? Sioux City,
Your Woodbury County Super Club has quite a cute baby,
Try the pork chops, baked beans,
Just as good as Pizza Ranch and Le Mars ice cream.

Hello? Ankeny,
Arctic blasts, sub-zero chills, campaigning is a dream,
I got frostbite, gangrene,
Iowans are not for sale, they’re stubborn and picky.

There’s just no difference between Obama
And Hillary.

Hello from the Caucus night,
If Bernie wins I’m gonna die,
This crazy circus, it’s gone cuckoo-ca-choo,
And Huckabee is the guy who’s long overdue.

Yes, these are actual lyrics from “Hello, HUCK.” Yes, this writer spent a few extra minutes watching and re-watching the video (despite the closed captions provided) to write these lyrics down. Yes, this writer can still listen to Adele without cowering in the corner, curled up into the fetal position and crying.

Meanwhile, Huckabee’s Twitter followers and detractors responded to the music video ad with confusion, criticism and praise. Mostly confusion, though.

(Via Mike Huckabee on Twitter)