Miley Cyrus’ Latest Performance Featured Pasties, Weed, A Thong, And A Rubber Ducky

Miley Cyrus invaded the art scene at Art Basel in Miami last night, giving what Page Six described as a “raw and emotional performance” in which Miley, wearing a glittery silvery-purple wig and heavy turquoise eyeshadow, stripped down to a thong and pasties and smoked a joint onstage. Art!

At the very least, Cyrus was self aware enough to realize that she was standing in front of a bunch of people who did not understand what the hell was going on, telling the crowd that they thought Art Basel was “a respected place where you could escape [her].” So… my condolences for the following, snooty art crowd:

Also joining Cyrus on stage were people dressed in shark costumes, a man dressed as a penis with silver streamers coming out of the top, and a giant mushroom. The stage was flanked in the audience by giant rubber duckies and trees with baby dolls strung to them.

“Usually I don’t smoke weed and drink, well that’s a lie … usually I don’t smoke weed and drink on show days, but I felt like it was fine in Miami,” said Cyrus.

Cyrus ended by pulling back her top to reveal silver pasties. Fake five dollar bills printed with her face fell into the crowd with confetti, and after she left the stage a giant silver balloon was released saying “[bleep] yeah Art Basel.”

Luckily you don’t have to go by our description alone, because Miley Cyrus helpfully provided plenty of photos via her Instagram page (semi NSFW):

On a final note, I’m just going to leave this here (although I wish I could take credit, via UPROXX’s Dan Seitz):

(Page Six via BroBible)