Nick Cannon Has Been ‘F*cking Like Crazy’ And Has More Kids On The Way

Just last month, Nick Cannon said he was ready to have a vasectomy because he didn’t want to “populate the Earth.” Well, apparently that was BS because he is about to be a Dad again, for the ninth time overall and the fifth time since 2021. And it might be another set of twins.

Cannon, who apparently has never met a sex and relationships podcast that he didn’t want to appear on, went on the Lip Service Podcast where he was asked about a claim that he may have as many as three babies on the way. With an ear-to-ear grin, the Wild N’ Out star said that, “The stork is on the way… If you thought the numbers that I put up in 2021 were something, wait ’til we get to 2022.”

When pressed about what had happened with the sex therapy and celibacy that he was trying out, he said that he, “Was probably celibate for a month and a half.” And that, just before Christmas, I started f*cking like crazy.”

His girlfriend, Abby De La Rosa, with whom he had twins in June of 2021, posted on Instagram that she was pregnant. And even insinuated that it could be another set of twins, commenting, “IM PREGNANT Another set of twins?! Follow me on ONLY FANS to find out more.”

Her baby (babies?) is due this October, so the math adds up for Cannon’s sexual reawakening. One thing’s for sure though: The man is nothing short of a legendary baby factory and is in fact, doing his part to populate the Earth.