Nick Cannon Has Some Deep Thoughts On Why Monogamy Is Unhealthy

It’s fairly incredible how open Nick Cannon is about his sex life. The father of seven children with four different women has an eighth on the way with a fifth. He’s been speaking publicly with family therapist Dr. Laura Berman, both on The Nick Cannon show and recently on her podcast called The Language of Love With Dr. Laura Berman. In a “Valentine’s Day episode” that aired yesterday, Cannon opened up about his previous stance of celibacy, which led into him speaking about monogamy and how he doesn’t think it’s “healthy” for him.

The Masked Singer and Wild N’ Out star began talking about definitions of being single versus being married. “To define me is to confine me,” he says. They talk about forming covenants, whether bound by the government or not, at which point Cannon says “And I just don’t feel like that’s healthy. Monogamy is not healthy. I feel like that gets into the space of selfishness and ownership.” Berman validates him, before Cannon admits that he feels like his trajectory in life is to “be the best father I can be,” and as he gets older, “whoever is willing to put up with me” is who he’ll end up with and maybe be monogamous with.

Berman posits that perhaps his fear of being left or discarded is contributing to his fear of monogamy. And it’s really fascinating for someone who is so virile and is such a well-known public figure like Cannon, to make themselves this much of an open book when it comes to their sex therapy.

You can listen to the whole episode of the podcast here.