Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Can Do No Wrong, New Song ‘We No Who U R’ Is Proof

Senior Pop Culture Editor
12.03.12 6 Comments

How no wrong can Nick Cave and his Bad Seeds do? Well, their new song “We No Who U R,” from the band’s upcoming album Push the Sky Away (due out February 13 — “Happy early Valentine’s Day, honey. Here’s a present described as a ‘ghost-baby in the incubator'”) bares a strong resemblance to Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R.” Not in sound, obviously, because where her’s sounds like a malfunctioning 8-bit soundtrack, Cave’s stealthily glides along on frozen percussion and piano, but, man, that title. And yet it’s impossible to get angry at the Bad Seeds; they’ve earned the right to all the language shorthands they want. Plus, if you call Nick Cave out, he might pull a Richard Harrow on you, which, note to HBO casting agents: please put Nick Cave on a show.

Thank you in advance. Hear “We No Who U R” below.

(Via Consequence of Sound)

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