Nick Jonas Shares His New Video For ‘Bacon’ With Ty Dolla $ign

06.06.16 3 years ago

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Nick Jonas has become the latest artist to release content exclusively on tidal, as Jonas released the video for his new single “Bacon” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, exclusively on the format.

“Bacon” is the first single from Jonas’ upcoming album Last Year was Complicated, and displays an ever-evolving maturity from the artist. While his former band The Jonas Brothers had a kid-friendly power-pop sound, Jonas’ recent solo career has been defined by a slinky R&B sound, continuing to suggest a grown-and-sexy vibe.

The decision to release the video on Tidal signifies a few things. First off, it’s another sign of the growing relationship between Jonas and Jay-Z, who believes he could be the “next Justin Timberlake.” Also, it’s another sign that Tidal is becoming more and viable by the day. When the platform started, it seemed redundant; Spotify already existed, who needs anything else, especially when you have to pay for it?

And yet, in 2016, people have signed up for the service to hear The Life Of Pablo and A Moon Shaped Pool before they were available elsewhere, to watch Beyoncé’s latest feat Lemonade, and to enjoy the complete discography of Prince. Jay-Z’s power within the industry has single-handedly made the platform viable, as artists are increasingly willing to give him exclusives and in turn consumers become more willing to pick his service over others. The “Bacon” video is the latest example of that, and one would guess this trend isn’t going to slow down soon.

Watch the full video on Tidal.

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