Nickelback Feels Your Hate And Is Desperately Trying To Win You Over, Internet

Earlier Maske and I were gchatting about this Funny or Die video in which Nickelback attempts to make light of the fact that the internet and the entire city of Detroit loathes them. In the course of the conversation, Maske admitted, “Holy sh*t, I think Nickelback just mindf*cked me and made me like them.”

I, however, remain unwavering in my dislike for Nickelback. I’d be more willing to like them if they’d done Detroit a solid and bowed out of performing at halftime of the Lions this coming Thursday, as I respectfully asked them to do. So no, they will get no love from this guy.

Instead, I’m seriously thinking about installing this “Nickelblock” plugin into my browser to eliminate any and all Nickelback references from poisoning my eyeballs, in addition to making sure to give them a righteous hazing on Twitter when they take the stage Thursday.

Speaking of Twitter, can someone please get Chad Kroeger to stop cybersexing with Nickelback fans on there. Humanity has already suffered enough at their hands, for the love of God.