Nicki Minaj Received The Key To Queens And Fans Were Quick To Point Out She Predicted Her Own Future

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On Monday, Nicki Minaj received the key to Queens, NY from the Queens Borough President Melinda Katz. Presented to the rap superstar on account of her “career achievements in music” the key from her hometown meant a lot to Nicki, as it well should. It’s a major moment in Minaj’s career that truly shows how far she has come since her days growing up in New York and it only makes sense that she would be proud of the day and the symbolic key.

On top of the enormity of the moment itself, the key also just so happens to complete a prediction Nicki made for her own career just a few years ago. While she was already on top of the rap world by 2014, she could still dream bigger. So in a promo clip for her 2014 MTV EMA hosting gig, Nicki was portrayed receiving not just the key to a major city but a key to the entire world.

You can watch the full clip below, but fans of the artist were quick to be excited for Minaj and jumped on the coincidence of Nicki imagining herself being honored in such a way and then it actually happening.

Or maybe it wasn’t a coincidence at all, and Nicki is still waiting to get another key somehow even more important than the one that came from her hometown.

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