Nicki Minaj Will Be A ‘Super Freaky Girl’ On Her Upcoming Song

The rollout for Nicki Minaj’s comeback continues with the upcoming release of her new single, “Super Freaky Girl.” The song — which samples Rick James’ 1981 hit single “Super Freak” — is set for release on Friday, August 12, after a new episode of her podcast Queen Radio goes live the day before.

Earlier this month, Nicki teased the single on Instagram, playing a snippet as she mugged the camera for a racy video announcing the new song. Since then, she’s devoted her energy to stirring up more fan involvement from her loyal Barbz, even hosting a poll to rename the song after running into some copyright issues with its original title, “Freaky Girl.”

When some fans complained about the new title, Nicki pointed out on Twitter that she “did a whole poll that 100K ppl took so sit down & SHUT IT! 😡 legally we can’t use freaky girl. Don’t you think I would if I could? Use your noggin.” The song snippet is also apparently doing well on TikTok, something Nicki has been quick to tout on Twitter.

In other Nicki Minaj news, the rapper recently released the trailer for a six-part docuseries, Nicki, which she says is coming out this year. “We have the month that the documentary is coming,” she announced during a recent episode of Queen Radio. “We do not have the date, but we have the month. It’s going to be a very exciting month for the Barbz. It’s obviously coming out in 2022.”

In the meantime, prepare for the release of “Super Freaky Girl” by pre-saving it here.