A Shooting Occured During Nipsey Hussle’s Album Release Party In Venice

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Shots were fired at Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle’s album release party for Victory Lap just before midnight last night, injuring one person. The shooting began in the parking lot outside World on Wheels, a roller skating rink in the L.A. neighborhood of Venice. Despite police swarming the area, the shooter slipped away. Currently, the one victim is refusing to cooperate with LAPD, leaving details sparse. It’s unclear whether or not the rapper was still at the party at the time of the shooting.

The rapper is fresh off the release of his first major label album Victory Lap, available now through Atlantic Records. After 10 years of mixtapes, the “debut” album features Compton rappers YG, Kendrick Lamar, and Buddy, and a return of Sean Combs’ Puff Daddy persona.
“I always felt like when I get the album out, [a label deal] would be the next move, so I spent a while making this album,” said Nipsey to Uproxx in an interview. “It always feels like the stars line up when you put music out. Sometime’s it’s bigger than others but when I say, ‘I’m done,’ I think my track record has been quality, so people like, ‘If he ready to present it, it’s gone be some fire on there, because he ain’t gone present it if it ain’t fire.’”

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