The Notorious B.I.G.’s ‘Life After Death 25th Anniversary’ Box Set is The Ultimate Biggie Release

For those who might remember, Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready To Die 2013 Record Store Day release was highlighted by sleek white vinyl records that matched the color of Biggie’s signature suit. But what the Estate of Christopher Wallace, Rhino Records, Bad Boy, and Atlantic have in store for the Life After Death 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe release will blow it out of the water.

The first step in the year-long “Sky’s The Limit: A Year Celebrating The Legacy of the Notorious B.I.G.” multimedia campaign, the Super Deluxe vinyl box set is an 8-LP edition. The first four are a remaster of Life After Death, followed by the Hypnotize 12″, Mo Money Mo Problems 12″, Sky’s The Limit 12″, and Nasty Boy 12.” The booklet insert is filled with photos from the album photoshoot, liner notes by music journalist Sheldon Pearce, and reflections of Biggie’s life from his inner circle.

The Life After Death 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe will be released on 6/10, but you can pre-order it here. Take a look at the box set and complete tracklist below.

Life After Death box set

Life After Death

A1. “Life After Death”
A2. “Somebody’s Gotta Die”
A3. “Hypnotize”
A4. “Kick In The Door”
B1. “Fuck You Tonight”
B2. “Last Day”
B3. “I Love The Dough”
B4. “What’s Beef?”
C1. “B.I.G. Interlude”
C2. “Mo Money Mo Problems”
C3. “Niggas Bleed”
C4. “I Gotta Story To Tell”
D1. “Notorious Thugs”
D2. “Miss U”
D3. “Another”
D4. “Going Back To Cali”
E1. “Ten Crack Commandments”
E2. “Playa Hater”
E3. “Nasty Boy”
E4. “Sky’s The Limit”

F1. “The World Is Filled…”
F2. “My Downfall”
F3. “Long Kiss Goodnight”
F4. “You’re Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)”

Hypnotized 12″

A1. “Hypnotize” (Radio Mix)
A2. “Hypnotize” (Instrumental)
B1. “Hypnotize” (Club Mix)

Mo Money Mo Problems 12″

A1. “Mo Money Mo Problems” (Radio Mix)
A2. “Mo Money Mo Problems” (Instrumental)
B1. “Mo Money Mo Problems” (Album Version)
B2. “Fuck You Tonight”

Sky’s The Limit 2×12

A1. “Sky’s The Limit” (Radio Edit)
A2. “Kick In The Door” (Radio Edit)
B1. “Going Back To Cali”(Radio Edit)
B2. “Sky’s The Limit” (Instrumental)
C1. “Kick In The Door” (Club Mix)
C2. “Going Back To Cali” (Club Mix)
D1. “Kick In The Door” (Instrumental)
D2. “Going Back To Cali” (Instrumental)

Nasty Boy

A1. “Nasty Boy” (Radio Edit)
A2. “Nasty Boy” (Instrumental)
B1. “Nasty Boy” (Album Version)

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