Of Course Avril Lavigne And Chad Kroeger Started Dating On Canada Day

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09.06.12 2 Comments

Soon-to-be wed couple Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are fully aware that literally everyone in the world, from the highest TMZ commenter to the lowest CBS Sports neckbeard, are making fun of their nuptials, much in the same way that noted Canadian comic Harland Williams once made fun of Hollywood by appearing in multiple movies. Haters gonna not like, etc., so they’ve gone FULL CANADA, sponsored by Beaver Buzz.

“I try not to take too much interest in the world’s opinion of our relationship,” Kroeger, 37, tells PEOPLE. “I just know the both of us are very happy.”

Lavigne, 27, and Kroeger met earlier this year while collaborating on music for her forthcoming album. Their professional relationship took a turn this summer when they started dating on July 1 – which happens to be a special day for both Canadian megastars.

“We think it’s very cool that our anniversary will always be on Canada Day,” Kroeger says. “We can’t wait to start our life together.” (Via)

Damn you, Chavril, for taking the joy out of making fun of you being all Canadian like, what with your all-jeans ensembles and perplexing passion for Tim Hortons. There’s literally no other stereotype that can possibly top the grunting goat from Nickelback and the Dippin’ Dots of pop stars, both of whom are Canadian, beginning to date on Canada Day. I guess we’ll just have to make fun of their terrible music instead…

…and plan on how we’re going to “dispose” of their eventual child.

Even she wrote a better song than “Photograph,” and the chorus largely consists of smears of poop on the wall.

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