Of Course Kim Kardashian Might Have Played A Part In Jay Z And Solange’s Fight

Just as Chuck Lorre must attach his name to every crappy CBS sitcom, Kim Kardashian has high-heeled her way into Jay Z and Solange’s mysterious elevator fight. According to Yahoo Celebrity UK, Kim’s best friend Rachel Roy, best known for not being Rachel Ray, got into an argument with Beyoncé’s little sister, shortly before the altercation we saw (and saw and saw) yesterday took place.

Solange was yelling at fashion designer Rachel at the Met Gala afterparty, although it’s unclear why the girls were feuding. The report claims Beyonce was in the middle of the row, which was witnessed by several guests at the bash.

Solange, Bey, and Jay-Z then “abruptly left” the afterparty, which led to the fateful lift ride, in which Solange can be seen kicking and punching Jay.

Rachel, who has known Solange for years, is Kim K’s closest BFF and will obviously be attending her and Kanye’s wedding, which Bey and Jay-Z have just declined invite to. (Via)

This means either one of two things: the two stories have nothing to do with each other, or Jay Z’s impression of Solange arguing with Rachel Roy didn’t go over as well as he thought it would.

Via Yahoo Celebrity UK