Own This Rare Photo Of David Bowie And Iggy Pop Getting Arrested For Weed Possession

David Bowie may have taken Mick Jagger to bed, but he shared an equally personal moment with Iggy Pop: they were arrested for criminal possession of marijuana at the same time. In March 1976, the Thin White Duke and his Stooge buddy were in Rochester, New York, for a concert, and following the show, the singers were nabbed “at 2:25 a.m. in a three-room suite in the [Americana Rochester Hotel] by four city vice squad detectives and a State Police investigator.”

And now you can own a piece of eBay memorabilia commemorating this historic event: a never-before-sold photo taken the moment the cops slapped cuffs on Bowie and Pop.

For only $20,000, which is pretty low compared to Labyrinth‘s codpiece budget, one lucky buyer gets “a very rare photograph. Fresh from a prominent estate in Upstate NY. Never offered on the market until now…This photo came from a man who was present when Bowie and Pop were arrested.” Ah, the 1970s, when NARC cops resembled the weed-smokers they were arresting.

Unless they were arresting David Bowie and Iggy Pop.

Haven’t seen too many police officers with bleach-blonde hair.

Via Dangerous Minds