Patrice Wilson’s ‘Cupcakes’ Is A Late Entrant For Song Of The Summer

Senior Writer
08.08.14 4 Comments

For all of the grief that we give a guy like Patrice Wilson for producing some of the worst songs and music videos that have ever been heard and seen since music was created, we often fail to recognize that there’s an understated average intelligence in what he does. At this point in the Pato Music World game (formerly ARK Music Factory), Wilson knows that we’re all laughing at him and his stable of protégés, from Rebecca Black to Alison Gold, but he keeps on pumping out new music videos for his latest “discoveries,” and now “Cupcakes” by Gina Naomi Baez (feat. Tinkerbelle the Dog) might be his most self-aware moment to date.

In the video, Baez is just a gal who loves her some cupcakes, and she believes that nothing will solve the world’s problems like passing the delicious treats that she keeps in her purse out to everyone around her. Basically, this video is 3:29 of diabetes-inducing, manufactured pop sugar overload, but it’s all worth it to watch them throw cupcakes at random people before Wilson comes in with his lamest rap verse to date. This is C+ stuff, folks.

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