People Are Not Happy With Michael Bublé’s Photo Of An Unknowing Woman’s Butt

Michael Bublé was recently in Miami with his wife, and while they were waiting in line for ham(m), probably, she took a photo of him. I doubt this one’s going to be framed any time soon, though.

Unless Bublé thinks “My Humps” is about recall notices, and the humps you have to go through to get a refund for your tainted ham, he’s referring to the women in front of them, and specifically, her butt. Needless to say, Bublé’s wife’s photo, and his comments, are not going over well.

Defenders of the photo say he’s praising her, while the opposition claims that doesn’t matter, this woman never gave consent to have her picture taken, and therefore, what he did was gross. Can’t both be true? Bublé’s not shaming her, true, but putting the photo online is pretty creepy.

See, this is what happens when you hang out with Justin Bieber.