This Early Demo Of Perfume Genius’ ‘Slip Away’ Contained All The Greatness Of The Real Thing

Contributing Writer

Mike Hadreas a.k.a. Perfume Genius stopped by the always entertaining Song Exploder podcast to dissect his standout track “Slip Away.” The track is a campy, colorful blowout — with a video to match — that examines the idea of having close female friends.

The album version of “Slip Away” blows the love at the center of these relationships up to massive proportions and the song comes across like Thelma & Louise on IMAX and in Technicolor. But the original demo of the song is just as powerful when it’s stripped down to just a guitar and Hadreas. He played the demo while trying to walk the podcast through the creation of the track and we have to say that he could have released either version.

In addition to Hadreas’ reveal, the podcast also snagged recording engineer Shawn Everett and producer Blake Mills to detail the many layers and instruments that went into the final product we hear on No Shape. Give it a listen up top and revisit the album version right here.

For more Perfume Genius, check out his strange and intimate video for “Die 4 You.” While the video for the track is definitely sensual, we’ll go on record as saying that it’s one of the few things related to erotic asphyxiation that you can watch in your cubicle.

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