The Dancing Man Who Was Body Shamed Might Also Get Pharrell And Moby To DJ His Party

The man who was body shamed online for dancing in public will be getting his party in a couple of weeks. Cassandra Fairbanks and the other ladies that came together managed to raise a whopping $33,522 for the event on GoFundMe and got their confirmation from the man himself, Sean from London we’ll call him, that he can be there.

The cool part that came from the story on Friday is that some very famous names might be making the party too, providing those slick grooves and beats needed to tear down a dance floor. Namely Pharrell Williams and Moby. They both Tweeted out to Fairbanks on Friday after the story had gone viral and it seems that they were looking to lend their talents:

Will they actually show? It’d be kinda silly to get involved in any capacity and then not attempt to do something. Then again, it’s only a Tweet and it already seems to have spread some good feelings towards Sean the Dancing Man:

It’s a nice twist on an already positive story. I don’t really like the idea of a mob forming to go find the folks who took the picture that sparked the entire thing (first comment), but it is good that it could be spun around to create something nice for another person.

(Via People / Huffington Post / Metro / Pharrell / Moby)