Prince Is About To Embark On A Surprise Tour That Will Start In Kentucky And Float Around The Nation

Prince answers to no one. The tiny singer with stadium-sized presence will be kicking off a sudden tour and popping up in places where he’ll undoubtedly be welcome because he is Prince.

His previous album Art Official Age shows some marked enthusiasm and innovation, though reviews were a mixed bag. But a UK tour with 3RDEYEGIRL following his 34th studio album (yes, 34) offered hope that Prince’s trademark energetic sass had returned for good.

Pity the critics who don’t understand Prince law. You must not cross the legend lest you risk catching heat rays from his all-time number one side eye.


Years of successful road dates led The Artist back to an old home with Warner Music group, where disputes between them had once caused acrimony. Label trouble aside, Prince has had one of the most prominent touring careers of a modern musician, demanding as much as $20M for his Welcome 2 run in 2013. Basically, he showed he didn’t need the labels and then came back to them just for giggles. And because he’s Prince, he can do that.

The first show of this mystery tour will be in Louisville, Kentucky on March 14th. All tickets become available on March 9th. Still not sure about whether to buy those front-row seats? Prince has only one reply to your indecision.

(Via Consequence Of Sound)