Prince Started Tweeting And It’s As Incredible As You’d Imagine

So this was unexpected: every so often, different celebrities will pop up on Twitter and start interacting with people out of nowhere. Jay-Z did it last month and now the immortal Prince has joined the fray. Prince. People. Do you understand who I’m talking about here? The man who hates the Internet more than anything on the planet.

The account is @3rdEyeGirl named after his new group. While the account has been in use for a while in spurts, Prince finally started interacting and it’s pretty random and awesome.

On top of that, he posted a performance video, which is a rarity for him. In fact, Prince — who’s generally anti-Internet — is notorious for pulling YouTube vids of anything related to him.

Good thing he had a change of heart.

Check out the rest of the tweets and feel the magic.