Q-Tip Hints At The Possibility Of Another ‘Incarnation’ Of A Tribe Called Quest

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A Tribe Called Quest fans are in for a plot twist, or so it seems. According to Q-Tip, We Got It from Here may not be their final album after all.

The Abstract was a guest on BBC Radio 1 on Monday night and he made it sound like Tribe could be releasing more material at some point in the future. “Stay tuned for any other incarnation because we don’t intend on stopping,” he told host Annie Mac.

Previously, the group had already confirmed they planned to tour alongside their new project. But at the same time, they also called We Got It from Here their “final” album. Tip doesn’t elaborate on what caused the change of heart, but he attributed the decision to keep working to Phife Dawg. “That was Phife’s M.O., ‘This time we gotta do it and keep going.’ He’s left us with the equation of how do we do it, but we’re going to need it, and we’re going to continue,” he said. Q-Tip didn’t specify who might be involved with an updated version of the group. One name he did mention was Busta Rhymes, who was featured heavily on the record and who Tip referred to as an “uncharted member of the group.”

He did talk more about the group’s reaction to how well received the project has been and what releasing the album means now in Phife’s absence. “It’s closure,” he said. “Sure, we would’ve liked to continue but it’s just hard to imagine doing that without my guy. It’s design or whatever. I know that he’s up there experiencing it in a heavenly way. We’re satisfied.”