Questlove Told A Story About Prince That Should Have Been A ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Skit

Recounting a story that should’ve been used on an episode of Chappelle’s Show, Questlove took to Twitter on Tuesday to talk about the time Prince fired him from a DJ gig in some nightclub, and instead left entertainment duties up to a certain Disney movie.

We’ll give you a hint — a trailer for the film’s sequel just dropped today.

Still don’t know? That’s pretty shameful, because all the information is in the tweet at the top of this story, but alright, here’s the answer:


That’s right. Prince once fired Questlove, the bandleader of The Roots and a person who’s practically a walking music history encyclopedia, from a DJ gig and blasted Finding Nemo from a screen in the nightclub. This isn’t the first time Questlove has shared an interesting Prince story. Remember when he talked about roller-skating with the guy on Valentine’s Day? We do.

Anyway, maybe Prince will include Questlove on his upcoming piano tour, where he’ll play his songs set to a collection of stories the latter will tell each night.

(Via Twitter)

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