Questlove To Teach Course On ‘Classic Albums’ At NYU

10.17.12 2 Comments

At this point in my life, the idea of going back to college sounds about as appealing as chugging a box of wine through my butt, but the idea of taking a class at NYU taught by Questlove on classic albums — specifically what makes an album a “classic” — is something that I could actually see myself getting excited about.

Reports Billboard:

The two credit class will focus on the concept of what it means for something to be called classic or seminal, as well as take a close look at the music, lyrics, production, business aspects — such as promotion and marketing — that informed the release and reception of the album, and try to provide a context as to why these albums have stood the test of time, according to Jason King, associate professor of recorded music and head of history and criticism at the Institute, who confirmed the course.

“[?uestlove] really does represent this hybrid figure in the music industry at this point, this person who is a musician, has social media abilities, is an archivist, has an incredible music mind, and really understands the history of music in a way that you would previously only expect from music journalists,” said King. “So it’s exciting to have him in this position doing something that in many ways comes naturally to him.”

Hell, I’d even study when I wasn’t in class for this. I wouldn’t want to disappoint Professor ?esto, after all.

(Via Billboard)

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