Catch The ‘Ironman Lunch Mix’ Of Raekwon’s Song ‘This Is What It Comes Too’ Featuring Ghostface Killah

This Friday, Raekwon, of the mighty Wu-Tang Clan, will unveil his eighth studio album titled The Wild. To get people hyped about that release, today, “The Chef” has revealed a brand new track titled “This Is What It Comes Too.” You won’t actually find that one on the record however, because the version he shared today is called the “Ironman Lunch Mix.” As you could probably tell from the name, the song features his longtime partner-in-crime, Ghostface Killah.

“Ghost is my brother and we’ve been on this blessed journey for awhile now” Raekwon explained to Billboard. “Me and Ghost are an institution and I know the fans were calling for a remix; so this is what it comes to; Ironman Lunch Mix.” We talked to Raekwon earlier this month where he expounded further on his decades-long brotherhood with Ghostface.

“We brothers from another mother. The thing I like is about it is that we give you three different styles of us. I have a three-dimension expansion to my career from coming in with a group, to coming in and doing a duo with my brother Ghostface, to my own solo career. That’s three different chapters of music that is undeniable and successful on every level. Sometimes you want Ghost, you get Ghost. Sometimes you want Rae, you get Rae. Sometimes you wanna get Rae and Ghost, you get Rae and Ghost. That’s three different plates all on the same table. That’s the best thing. The combination factor is always there and you gotta switch it up sometimes.”

Listen to the ‘This Is What It Comes Too’ remix above and catch The Wild when it drops in just a few days on March 24 on ICE H20 Records.