Rapper With History Of Dental Problems Partners With Soft Drink Infamous For Causing Rotten Teeth

03.13.12 6 years ago

Did y’all hear that Lil Wayne is teaming with Mountain Dew to open a skate park in New Orleans? Well, it’s true!

Reports Billboard:

In one of the biggest hip-hop soft-drink partnerships in recent memory, Lil Wayne and Mountain Dew are teaming up for a new campaign, dubbed DEWeezy, set to formally kick off at South by Southwest in Austin…Created by Mountain Dew and Blueprint Group in partnership with the Glu Agency, managed by hip-hop business veteran Derek Jackson, the DEWeezy campaign will include advertisements, public appearances and the creation of a skate park in Lil Wayne’s hometown of New Orleans. Blueprint’s release also hints at a possible touring component, noting that the deal was “anchored in Lil Wayne’s touring presence and outside interests including skateboarding and the rebuilding of New Orleans.”

Now, the irony in this, which it seems that few have picked up on, is that Lil Wayne is a man with a history of horrific dental problems — he had EIGHT root canals in one sitting in 2010 and has lost most of teeth due to his addiction to sweets and an aversion to toothbrushes — and he’s teaming with a soft drink that is one of the main causes of toothlessness in the modern world. Maybe they can name the skate park, “Ass Mouth Park?”

So yeah, basically Lil Wayne is the new Paula Deen — or something.

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