Ray J Got A Tattoo Of His Sister Brandy On His Leg And It’s… Interesting

Ray J loves his sister Brandy. I mean, he really loves his sister Brandy. Last year, he got a large tattoo of Brandy’s name inked on his arm in the same font as the cover of her debut self-titled album. But that wasn’t enough, because Ray-J just got another tattoo of his sister on his body. This time it’s of her face and it’s on his right leg. But it’s not as straightforward as that may sound.

Ray J posted an Instagram Video (set to Brandy’s song “Best Friend”) to showcase the new ink, done by tattoo artist Mashkow, who has a very distinct style. It’s a portrait of Brandy, but with “Best Friend” written on her forehead, “4 Ever” on her cheeks (“4” on one and “Ever” on the other) and Mashkow’s signtaure over her right eyelid. It makes Brandy almost look like a Post Malone-style face-tatted caricature. But this is what Mashkow is known for and Ray J was pumped. “New Brandy tattoo by one of the greatest!! Mashkow,” he posted. Adding that, “I’m getting my whole leg tatted with – music- love – scriptures – the vocal bible – family -ghosts -positive words and themes – real gothic like — ‘The Holy Leg!! – Gonna take a minute!! But I got the best doing it!! Stay Tuned!! Full leg tatt — I had to start with my best friend!!”

It’s quite the homage to his sister. And perhaps now, it will finally register with people (ahem… Jack Harlow) that not only are Ray J and Brandy siblings, but they have been their whole lives.