Ray J Started Trending On Social Media After Some Fans Realized He’s Brandy’s Brother

It’s a beautiful thing when the internet is used for good. Like helping the world learn something new, for example, rather than for negative things like cyberbullying and stan culture. An example of the former came on Thursday when a fan learned that singers Ray J and Brandy are siblings. It’s a fact that many people already knew, but better late than never to learn about it. That fan’s tweet likely came after Ray J got a tattoo of his sister’s artist logo, but their comments quickly went viral as some also learned something new as a result of it.

Others used it as an opportunity to reflect on Ray J’s biggest media moments and to remind people about the things the singer accomplished in his career.

One person recalled Ray J’s infamous interview with Complex where he claimed his Bunny Eyez glasses were indestructible, something that Complex’s Speedy Gonzalez proved incorrect just moments later during the sit-down. Another fan brought back a 2015 interview with Vince Staples on HOT 97 where the rapper asked for respect to be placed on the singer’s name due to the many things he’s accomplished in his career.

On the flip side, a number of fans had fed up reactions to people just learning that Ray J and Brandy are siblings. “I think I’m to old for Twitter because users are just now finding out that Brandy and Ray J are siblings & I’ve never been more confused on how someone can not know that,” one person wrote. Another person echoed a similar message, writing, “The fact Ray J is trending bcz people didn’t know him and Brandy are siblings is mind blowing.”

You can read more tweets about Ray J below.