Ray Lewis Previewed His New Rap Song On Instagram, And It’s Not Good


Oh. My. God.

Ray Lewis has a new rap song and it might be the most [fire emoji] track of 2015. And by that, we mean it is not that. On his Instagram account, the former Baltimore Ravens linebacker previewed a new song called “Can You Stand the Rain,” which is on his upcoming album. And, well, it’s something else.

First of all, it sounds like Lewis doesn’t actually have lyrics, nor did he ever have them. It’s almost as though he organized a recording session and, when he showed up, the producer asked him, “So, Ray, what kind of material do you have?” And Lewis replied, “Oh, I don’t actually have any song lyrics. I was just feeling real inspired, you know? And I wanted to share my message.” After an awkward silence, Lewis said, “Alright, let’s do this,” confidently walked into the recording room, told the producer to get a beat going and started going off, kind of.

This makes me wonder. What does the rest of Ray Lewis’ album sound like? Is there an entire album, or did Lewis get through this track only to find his creativity had dried up? But say this for the “Can You Stand the Rain” preview: I’m hooked. I want more. And if you think an “Uproxx Sports reviews Ray Lewis’ new album” post isn’t coming, you’re sorely mistaken.

(Via Ray Lewis)