Record Store Day’s Enormous Release List Is Capped Off With David Bowie And Prince

Record Store Day continues its non-stop march toward ever more hugeness. The annual celebration of independent record stores list of exclusive releases grows longer and more star-studded every single year. And the first one to come with enough pressing lead time after the deaths of Prince and David Bowie is obviously no exception.

Those two stars stand-out on the list of special edition reissues being released on the tenth iteration of RSD on April 22. Bowie is getting a box set and a 3xLP release while many of Prince’s ’80s singles are being released on maxi-disc singles. For older, head-shop-ier fans, there’s a limited edition version of Ken Kesey performing The Acid Test while The Grateful Dead hung around.

Outside of the old-time stuff heading into the just plain odd, RSD will also feature reissues of Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz, a first-time-on-vinyl edition of Marcey Playground’s first album and a repressing of Notorious B.I.G.‘s third album Born Again. There’s also a 7″ for your favorite vindicated sadsack with The Cubs Won It All in 2016.

Dig through the list here and try to push away the fact that the stuff you want will probably be sold out if it comes to your local independent record store at all. And maybe look back on how one man got us here.