Chris Rock Called Rick Ross ‘The Greatest Rapper Alive’

Rick Ross must have something on Chris Rock. That’s the only thing that makes sense in this particular situation. Otherwise, why would Rock be doing album promos for Rozay and calling the Maybach Music head honcho the best to ever do it?

As far as marketing tactics go, it’s a brilliant move by Ross, who had the comedian to announce the news that Ross’ new studio album, Rather Me Than You, will now officially be released on March 17th. Early Wednesday morning, Rock put the word out in a video posted to his Instagram in which he said “I wanna say whats up to my man Ricky Ross, Ricky Rozay. The greatest rapper alive and he’s got a new album coming out called ‘Rather You Than Me’ that drops March 17th with the hit single ‘I Think She Like’ featuring Ty Dolla $ign.” No, there didn’t appear to be anyone holding him against his will either so maybe he really does like Ross’ music or he was paid handsomely for the quick mention.

Whatever the case, it’s welcome news to hear that The Bawse will officially makes his return in March. Just last week he dropped off the new track “Summer 17” as a warm-up and he’s been spotted in the studio with Jay Z in recent weeks in what’s likely a new collab between the two of them. Those two usually create magic together so that alone is enough reason to anticipate the project.