‘Use A Condom,’ A Pregnant Rihanna’s Shirt Instructs In Her Latest Attention-Grabbing Photos

When Rihanna posts photos of herself, people pay attention. Her recently shared topless maternity photoshoot, for instance, certainly turned heads. Now, she’s back with more pics, and this time, she’s dispensing sex advice.

In the newly shared photos, Rihanna strikes various poses, including some that emphasize her pregnant belly, all while wearing an oversized T-shirt that reads in large, all-caps letters, “USE A CONDOM.” Rihanna also came through with a funny crack in the post’s caption, writing, “this shirt is old…”

The shirt is actually part of Rihanna’s new Savage X Fenty Xssential Lounge collection. Although Rihanna doesn’t model it herself, the collection features a similar T-shirt that reads, “I’m a virgin,” followed by, “This is a very old T-shirt.” Both shirts go for $44 a piece.

Elsewhere in the collection are casual, comfortable items like sweatpants, sweatshorts, bike shorts, brelettes, tank tops, robes, hoodies, socks, oversized pants, leggings, jumpsuits, and so on.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that Rihanna will star in, as well as produce and make new music for, an upcoming Smurfs movie. She said at the time, “Getting to do animation is a fun journey for me. I’m usually front and center with everything with my likeness […] but this was fun. I got to imagine, I got to show up in my pajamas in my third trimester, and be a blue badass. I hope this gives me a little bit of cool points with my kids one day.”