Rihanna Landed The Role Of Smurfette In A New ‘Smurfs’ Movie, Which She’s Also Making Music For And Producing

Rihanna just landed what will likely go down as the bluest role of her career: she has several important jobs in an upcoming Smurfs movie.

Today (April 27), Paramount Pictures revealed during a CinemaCon presentation that Rihanna will play Smurfette in an upcoming Smurfs movie, which does not currently have an announced title (as IndieWire reports). On top of that, Rihanna will also be creating and performing original music for the film, as well as producing. The film is set to premiere in theaters on February 14, 2025, via Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies.


Rihanna spoke about the movie at CinemaCon, saying, “Getting to do animation is a fun journey for me. I’m usually front and center with everything with my likeness […] but this was fun. I got to imagine, I got to show up in my pajamas in my third trimester, and be a blue badass. I hope this gives me a little bit of cool points with my kids one day.”

The movie will be co-directed by Chris Miller and Matt Landon, while Pam Brady (a South Park producer and Team America: World Police writer) wrote the screenplay. Ryan Harris, Laurence “Jay” Brown, and Tyran “Ty-Ty” Smith also produce alongside Rihanna.

The Smurfs film will be Rihanna’s second voice role in a movie, after 2015’s Home.