Robin Thicke Made A Huge Mistake Agreeing To A VH1 Twitter Q&A

Yesterday we posted the latest in Robin Thicke’s public pleas for reconciliation with his wife Paula Patton, which has now gone on to the point that it’s just making everyone pretty uncomfortable. Like the rest of his stunts, my initial reaction to the BET Awards performance was to feel squeamish mostly due to how sad and pathetic it was — however as many of you pointed out, what he’s doing to his estranged wife is actually more indicative to creepy, stalkerish behavior and emotional manipulation.

So between the negative publicity surrounding that whole mess coupled with ongoing skepticism surrounding his catchy yet overtly rapey hit, “Blurred Lines,” now was probably not the best time for VH1 and Robin Thicke to engage Twitter in a Q&A session, which is supposedly going to happen at 1:30 p.m. EST today.

Unless it doesn’t, because here’s what almost every single one of the questions look like so far:

And my personal favorite…

Pretty much.

(Via Buzzfeed)