Robyn Should Just Do Us All A Favor And Cover Every Coldplay Song From Now On


It’s hard not to love Robyn. The peculiar-faced songbird is a shameless dancing machine who dispenses valuable advice through her songs, and now she’s apparently taking Coldplay songs and somehow making them fit for human consumption. Check out what she did with “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” — possibly the most Coldplay-y named song ever — the band’s new single. It’s kind of breathtaking, to be honest. As Vulture notes, “‘I’d rather be a comma / than a full-stop’ almost sounds profound when sung coolly, by Robyn, over a soothing dance remix. Is there anything she can’t do?” No, there is nothing, NOTHING, Robyn can’t do, which is why I’m issuing this plea…

Robyn, darling, we, the people of the world — especially the people of the Internet — have so much love for you in our hearts. What you’ve done here, which is basically the musical equivalent of Christ taking five loaves of stale bread and two rotten fish and feeding 5000 people with it, is nothing short of a miracle. We genuflect at your altar Robyn, for you are our benevolent Goddess. So we ask you — well, okay, we beg you — our milky-skinned overlord with the endlessly curious dental profile, to do this with each and every song Coldplay releases. Though we try our best at Uproxx to keep a happy face on at all times, everything is terrible in the world right now, and this made it all seem alright. We will reciprocate by making you a pie if such a thing would be to your liking. Just say the word.


All of the People

You can download Robyn’s “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” for free here and listen to it below…

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