Run The Jewels Created An Augmented Reality Platform To Accompany Their New Album

Getty Image

Run The Jewels have always looked to give their fans a different experience and to engage them in different ways, whether it be a feline-filled remix project or becoming Marvel characters. Now, they’re taking a new approach with their latest album, Run the Jewels 3, by offering an augmented reality version of the release.

RTJ3 was originally scheduled to release on today, January 13, but the group decided to share the project three weeks early as a holiday gift to fans. Now, physical editions of the album are available at retail, including the new AR version, dubbed ARTJ. All of the art from vinyl, CDs, their digital imagery and merch items are enabled for AR with customized Run The Jewels content, accessible once you unlock it on your phone or tablet. To see examples, check out the app now on iTunes.

Maybe the idea to go AR was all inspired by how Pokemon Go took off like wildfire and they want to see if it can do the same specifically with rap fans. But, for anyone who isn’t into the new fangled stuff, there are throwback options to be purchased as well. Below, take a look at the gold-colored cassette tape version that’s now available as well along with all the other merch goodies they’ve got lined up.