Ryan Adams Shares A Snippet Of His Next Album, Which Appears To Be Pretty Much Finished

03.08.18 11 months ago

Ryan Adams just released Prisoner, his 16th album, in 2017, and while it’d be fair to expect him to go away for a bit, let’s remember how prolific he’s been during the course of his career: Those 16 albums were released over the course of 18 years, and on multiple occasions, he’s released more than one album in a year (he put out three in 2005). So, a quick follow-up to Prisoner wouldn’t be out of the blue by any means, and it looks like we’re getting one.

This morning, Adams took to Twitter to post a quick 20-second video of a studio mixing board, with a new song playing over the speakers. The track sounds like pretty standard Adams fare: Americana guitar rock with a good melody. He also shared an update on his next project, writing that the recording process is far along, so much so that it’s virtually complete: “11 songs tracked and vocals done. Records are funny creatures; sometimes they wake you up like they can’t wait to just get born.”

Adams shared what appears to be another preview of new music a few days ago, which showed him the studio working on the production for what sounds like a The War On Drugs-like slow burner of a song. Watch the clips above and below, and revisit our review of Prisoner here.

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