Saweetie’s Collab With Cher Turns Out To Be A Brand Partnership With MAC Cosmetics

Back in September of 2021, Saweetie promised that her collaboration with Cher would “unfold during the holidays” after she credited the pop goddess for inspiring her to tweak her album yet again. Well, for fans who were expecting a collaboration of the musical variety, it turns out that the two artists instead worked together on a brand partnership alongside MAC Cosmetics for the brand’s new “Challenge Accepted” campaign, which begins rolling out today.

In the TV ad spot, Cher can be seen applying lipstick in the mirror while Saweetie peppers her with questions. “How did you do it, Cher?” she asks, seemingly referring to the elder artist’s nearly 60-year career at the forefront of pop music. “I’m like this lipstick,” Cher replies. “When I’m on, I’m on.” The background music for the commercial is, of course, Saweetie’s made-for-TV hit, “Fast (Motion),” which has already become an unofficial anthem for WNBA and soundtracked the commercial for her McDonald’s meal last year.

What’s been rolled out so far appears to just be part of a wider campaign, so it’s possible we’ll still get some music from this unlikely duo. If not, though, you still have to celebrate another clear branding win for Saweetie, whose profile only grows as fans await her debut album, Pretty Bitch Music.