Schoolboy Q Said He’s ‘Actually Not’ Joking About His Album Arriving Soon And It’s In The Mixing Process

Schoolboy Q seems to have confirmed that he’s finishing up on a new album that fans will be able to hear soon enough. He retweeted a video of the Back On Figg podcast hosts revealing that they were working with him on the record.

“We been in the mixing process of Schoolboy Q’s album. That sh*t is coming very very soon,” the podcast hosts said. “The album sounding fire. We just now letting y’all know. This is something big right now. We have been in the studio with my brother every week. The album sounding fire. Fire, you know what I’m saying?”

They continued: “It’s crazy to be in those processes because I’ve never really been in the mixing process. It’s also an experience, you feel me. And we kind of documenting the whole process… The album is there.”

Following the news, some fans questioned whether it would actually be arriving this time. Schoolboy Q had been talking about a new album dropping since 2020, and then eventually it moved to 2021, but neither drop date happened.

“Whaaaaaat you ain’t cappin this time?!” one wrote.

“I’m actually not,” he responded.

While there isn’t a title or much else known about the album and the release date, here’s hoping Schoolboy Q and his team release it soon.